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Klinds' 10 gallon

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Here is some pics. Feel free to ask me questions, or educate me more lol.

2 x 13 Watt CFL Spiral bulbs as my lighting from what I've researched, it is best for tanks that I can get a hold of.

Flourite substrate with sand.

I am having problems growing my foreground plants. Any suggestions? It looked like this at the LPS I run by here and there. It was actually the best looking one -ugh!:icon_conf

I'm considering replacing my driftwood because it makes my tank look very dull and not so clear and crisp like my larger tanks are. I am on the hunt for better wood, plz suggest!:bounce:

And I do have a diy CO2 system I found online for a 10 gallon, I just gotta make a new batch. This is lasting me until I buy a nano CO2 kit, lol.

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My DHG took a while to get established i also started trimming it down and it helped it take off.
Danielson, how much did you trim to get it to propagate more?
your tank looks yellow. hopefully your using the right bulb spectrum! and that betta will munch on those shrimp
The tank looks yellow bc of the wood i have. Its doing that thing that turns it tea colored. My betta hasnt touched the shrimp. If anything, he runs off. Hes a wussy.
I like the look of the tank. I've thought a few times of adding a betta to my shrimp set up but have never gotten up the
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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