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Kittens & No Spay N Neuter Clinic

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I live by my own rules, and once again Nature says otherwise. My tank is a very aged 15 gallon long-- The fish list includes:

2 Adult Corydora Trillineatus (Juli if your @ a Petstore....) and babies
5 Serpae Tetra
6 Neon Tetra
2 Creamscicle mollys
1 Clown Pleco
5 Harliqin Rasboras
1 Mystery Snail
10 Sakura Shrimp

My tank was pretty set. In the 3 years of having my tank I never found baby fish. Now I never know what to expect. First I found a baby molly hybrid-Now almost a 2 inch fish, and I'm finding baby corydoras. The only real difference between now and the past is the 10 or so Neo Cardina shrimp in the tank...and the water is kept @ 80 degrees--- The baby fish feed off the infusoria naturally occurring in my tank--The issue is, somehow my tank population is growing, and a problem I didn't have in the past, is a genuine fear. How do I control the population? Predation is not the answer if I have 2 kittenfish in my tank--and a molly fish I never bought. I don't do anything special for the babies--NO Special food.....
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For a start, congrats to you for the new found family. There no way to control, let nature take place. Either you upgrade to bigger tank or give it away. Meantime do frequent small water change.
Take your fry in and trade for food or other stuff. That's what I do, you'll get a little bit back.

I'm in same boat, only mine are guppies mix with other fish. I'll just let them be, they're fun to watch. I feel more connected to the frys, because I'm caring for them since birth.
I'm not doing anything special--I'm just amazed they hatched and survived into a small fish...with color. I have confirmed there are at least 2, and judging by size that tells me possibly 3 weeks apart, and 2-3 weeks old--I expected eggs and fry to be fishsticks--but nature says otherwise.
I havde kittens of different sizes--look to be about 2-3 weeks apart. Oh my goodness. I'd like 2 of them to survive--the rest I'll post on craigslist for cheap. Locally bred juli/trillineatus--PH 8 I live in Fresno, CA
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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