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I've been really wondering why my plants haven't been growing
why they have been looking like [censored][censored][censored][censored]
I've been trying different dosing regimes
I thought my soil was depleted
I tried lower light as well
I was being patient with it
I was trying nh4, sure erios started to perk up a little but it wasn't the answer
The main answer to my own system was....
Yup I'll say it Low Co2
How did i come up with this correlation
you see fast results
when i dosing different strategies
I just couldn't grow, i could not get my things going
Stuff was halted
i had lowered the co2 tremendously to try and maybe possibly get fish in
I'm going back to what i know best
I pumped up the co2 a grip yo
A grip
Within a hr, I cam back home and already i noticed BOOM new CLEAN growth
Yes. New clean growth
Forget the fish, I always wanted to grow plants
Why fish and such work in my other system, i don't know why, but i had hair algae too
Now if this is correlation, [censored][censored][censored][censored] will turn back to [censored][censored][censored][censored] rather fast
I'm very stoked on this new growth, sure more whitish, looks like a deficiency, but here is something i just didn't notice before i guess
New, CLEAN, Growth yo
Nutrients really don't make much of the system, well the co2 part does, but i can pump as much or pump as little and not friggin get results
I think i'm getting back on track, this revelation is pretty awesome
I had to find out on my own i guess, cause peep said it many of many of times
This may not look much, but i was tired of tired of tired of looking at [censored][censored][censored][censored]
Now I'm more hopeful and as well confident
These levels cannot sustain fish, this is only for my system, i do not recommend you go gassing your fish out, they're living things too, just like you
but when its said over and over and the information is all out there already, there really ain't anything new to say except post pictures
may not seem like much, but look at new clean growth

its not much, but its tremendously rapid yo
new clean growth, i cannot emphasize that enough, for all the dirt and old gunk, i do not know, i'll have to handle with maintenance or something

this is an epiphany for me, an old one as you will, but i'm just stoked....i thought this tank was on its way to doom

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I love the tank! I have a habit of scouring through the threads and not always posting which I've never really paid attention to like posts/pictures. I've always enjoyed and looked forward to your posts/pictures/ideas. Keep up the great work!

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I love the tank! I have a habit of scouring through the threads and not always posting which I've never really paid attention to like posts/pictures. I've always enjoyed and looked forward to your posts/pictures/ideas. Keep up the great work!

I'm glad there are people out there enjoying my pictures and such. I really felt all alone for the time being before.

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I call this post back to the basics...
I've been reading a little about dosing their different fert regimes and oh wow and why this and that

Back to the basics....
With biomass, it all starts with biomass
With biomass you can get away with a lot of things
Without it I do suggest higher levels of the co2

What do plants need to grow
The basics, Light, water, co2/nutrients
Now i don't flow in any particular way, it just comes to me as i go

Light, you need to balance out your par with the amount of plants you actually have
This goes to biomass, with full biomass you can add a lot more par
If you have gaps, and a lot of light, then you will surely get some algae

Algae prevention, prevent it before it starts
Its a lot harder to get rid of algae than preventing algae
When you see an algae forming, you better get to it before it actually grows and spreads like wildfire
algae can grow a lot easier than plants, this is proven
usually in prevention its biomass, co2(growing a wide range of plants/higher the better, but this does not regard to fish), light/good par range
and nutrients whichever
but without biomass, you still need even higher co2 i believe, to get your crop growing
Going back to algae prevention, usually you see an algae starting to form you combat with water change, higher nutrient loads at times as you want your plants growing and algae not growing
Now once again this is just flowing, not outlined, no script
Now in algae disruption though, you got to do a lot more extra work, when you've got a pool of algae, this is one, gonna hinder plant growth, two its gonna continue to grow stronger algae takeover
This is where you gotta put in the work, i'm doing so currently
water changes, manual removal is my best suggestions along with FOCUSING on getting the plants to grow, unless your BLASTING light, i would not recommend lowering par in some cases, but in blasting i would suggest lowering light
Its all on getting those plants to grow
Increasing the nutrients helps, KNO3, PO4, GH, traces and iron
While urea helps grow faster, at the same time if you do not have the biomass to uptake, nh4/ammonia/urea whichever will cause algae
Once again higher co2 will grow a wider range of plants, however if you have fish, i suggest you invest in algae eaters, the balance
However if you have a grip of algae, i don't care how much co2 you put in, it will not help
In some cases it'll make it worse likely
I suggest you look into growing plants once again, get that good ole growth
every so often i post a post like this and think i'm back on top again, but i'm far from back on top, i am struggling with my systems as i have no put in the work
but getting that plant growth, if you see a plant covered in algae with a good top, the bottoms covered in algae top that, that algae is only hindering it. Trim that away, algae is only hindering growth, if you trim that bottom part off and plant the top, you not only have a good plant and chance at success with that plant you also toss away all that algae hindering that bottom part
At one point you are going to have to trim, but most of us are not even getting that far
We start, we start a little good, and then things rapidly go to algae nuke
Then we start using chemicals and such like h2o2, excel, algae fix and forbidden fruits, while this may help a little
you do not want this crutch
I don't want to use antibiotics to combat bga, in fact in trying to get rid of bga, i do not follow my own advice in manual removal, upping dosage and use a ton of antibiotics, yes a ton, and it never went away
I am now putting work back into the system, i don't know how i let it go astray so badly, but we all have personal issues
Back to the basics
Plants need light,co2/nutrients/water to grow
Biomass is your best investment
Invest large and plant hard
I don't even know where i went with this, but it is not basic stuff
Focus merely on your system and plant growth
Good o2 levels/good co2 levels
I am a firm believer in good o2 in the system
That's why i love the sump systems so so much
I'll never go canister
nor do i have any systems with a canister
This is not outlined nor scripted
I go with whatever flow this is
Picture for attention, i hope people read this
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I am back to dosing more KNO3, PO4 and am getting greater results in my erio growths
I was in dosing very low ppm's of everything, that is not my system, I want high light, fast growth, so i pump a lot of co2/nutrients and fast flow, I need to put in the manual labor though, to get this back into a flawless system of growing plants
I'm going back to what i know best, and after all the hinderance and halt of growth in my plants they're growing again

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