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Kinda New

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I am starting to research for my future planted shrimp tank. Its been awhile since I have had a fish tank. I had to sell mine when I moved about two years ago. I started working on a small betta tank for my mom and the want/need to have my own tank came back.

I never been really good at plants so really researching and about CO2. So while I research I will be saving up to get everything. My family and I have a few things we have to finish on the house and my room before I can even think of putting in an aquarium. But when the work to the house is done, my aunt and I are going to work on a custom aquarium stand I have a really cool idea for.

I used to have a 45 Gallon and a 20 Gallon freshwater tank. Favorite fish was my fire eel and elephant nose. (Never had them in the same tank different times.)

But this new/future tank I want to be a Shrimp planted tank, with micro crabs, and a small schooling fish. Thinking of getting a 25 Cube frame less tank.

Tibbi :) My small betta project :)
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Shrimp tanks are awesome! I have several (tanks/species)

If you are new to planted tanks or have had difficulty in the past, I would suggest trying a dirt tank. It allows you to grow pretty much any plants, is extremely low cost, does not require the addition of C02, cycles itself and is very very stable.

That being said, I'd still run the tank for at least a couple months to let things settle, establish and start to grow before adding any shrimp. Feel free to add snails in the 2nd or 3rd week though :)

Good luck!
Lots of great threads and people,here. Everyone will,help,you and you'll even find a deal on shrimp when your ready

Welcome to TPT!

Just a word of caution- you'll need to be careful with a betta in a frameless tank unless you keep the water level pretty low or rig up a cover for it.
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