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Killing Pest Snails in Empty Aquarium Without Harming Future Inverts

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Hi guys,

I have an aquarium that I've redesigned. In the redesign I've had no fish in the aquarium for a while while plants were growing in. I eventually lost the cycle so I'm currently starting to fishless cycle, but see an opportunity to remove all the pest snails in the aquarium since there are no live animals present.

Is there a chemical way to kill off all of the pest snails without leaving traces that will harm shrimp and pet snails in the future? I know I could add copper solutions but I'm concerned that they will stay in the tank after I've done water exchanges.
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To echo @somewhatshocked , snails are really good for planted aquariums. What kind of snails are they?
To answer your question, if they're bladder snails, those are very easy to trap. Just cut the top third off a water bottle and invert it. Place some spinach leaves in the bottle before inverting the top. Place the bottle top down in the tank, at substrate level. Overnight, the snails will crawl up for the spinach, but no way out.
I'd love some extra if you decide to do this.

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