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Killing Java Moss right on top of plants?

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I've got Java Moss growing right on some Eco-Complete right on top of some glosso. I tried pulling the moss, but it would pull all the Eco, uprooting the glosso. Is there a way to kill the moss without harming the glosso too much? I've heard H2O2 and Excel would kill the moss if spot treated, but how about the glosso?
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I would say your out of luck on killing the moss. I've never had any die from excel or h202. I would just pull it up carefully. Man that has to be annoying.
You won't be able to kill is, or at least nothing I've tried has killed it. I pulled all of my java moss a couple months ago, and still find it in all kinds of places in my tank. Very annoying, the little pieces get swept away and start all over again someplace new.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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