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The Colorado Killi Club is rescheduled due to snow last weekend. New meeting on Sunday, April 24 at the home of Tory Brown. Be there at 2:00 for the meeting.
Some of you may not realize that the CKC is hosting the National Killifish Convention that will be taking place here in Denver over Memorial day. We need you to attend and be a part of this wonderful event. Killifish breeders and collectors from all over the world will be attending and bringing their best fish. We have international speakers on a multitude of topics. If you want to help make this event successful, come and join us. Address is 3427 S. Norfolk Way, Aurora, CO. Sunday April 24, 2:00 call me at three 0 three 829 7602 if you need information or directions. Visit for information on the event.

Reminder: When visiting my home, remember to take your allergy medications if you are allergic to unicorn dander, dragon scale dust, vampire drool, OR Golden Retriever hair and cat hair......You may want to wear a garlic necklace in case you stay after dark.
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