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Killifish In Orlando?

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Hi, does anyone know of any Killifish breeders in the area?:icon_smil
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Aquabid seller 90215 is about 10 minutes from Orange Park. I was just talking to him about arranging a pickup next time I'm at my pop's in Green Cove Sprngs, he didn't have a problem with that. But I'm not sure I'm going with killies in the new tank yet. Otherwise he does $17-20 priority w/ live guaranty.
Let him know I sent you :) :thumbsup:
Hi Jaide, thanks. My friend who owns a sw shop got a pair from 5-D, when I first set up the second cube. I did not really care for them, as the male relentlessly pursued the female. I had a top on the tank but they both managed to jump out in the small opening near the filter. I was surprised that all my research told me that most hobbyists kept them in small tanks. I would not put those fish in a nano. I have my own thoughts on what makes a good nano fish.
That's good to know because I've had my sites on some killies lately. Perhaps my 10gl isn't right for them.
A 10 might be ok. I had them in a 10X 10" cube. I do know that most hobbyists that keep them, have them in tanks as small as mine and smaller.:icon_eek:
To me, size alone does not constitute a good candidate for a nano. Whether it is a sw or fw fish.
How big will the fish get is a question to ask, of course. The most important thing is swimming pattern/habit. If a fish is very active, it needs room and a higher oxygen content. Some hobbyists who keep nano reefs think it's ok to put baby fish such as small blue tangs in nanos. They counter 'I will take him out when he outgrows the tank'. Some fish such as tangs require a much higher oxygen content than most nano tanks afford. Not to mention it's cruel to keep a fish that has the potential to grow to 16", in less than a foot of space for any length of time beyond holding at an lfs. I don't think bettas should be in bowls without filtration & a heater either.
I tried three yellow Kubotai rasbora in my ten gallon. I had to give them to a friend with a bigger tank. They were darting and pacing the tank constantly. It disrupted my axelrodi rasbora, which are more mellow. So, that's my take on it. I really wanted the killifish. I joined forums and researched for over a year on it. Most people seemed to concentrate on how pretty they were for a fw fish. Photography is big with them. They do not get into the asthetics of setting up a nice looking tank. It's mostly about breeding. I am not in this hobby to put water in every vessel in my home that will hold it. :){to spite what my sig. says..:hihi: }
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Haha, I know what you mean about the breading aspect being number1. Suggestions of a planted display tank designed around the fish seem to get an intrigued response every time, I would've thought it would be old hat with these fish

As far as tank volume, I see the suggestion everywhere that they're happy with small spaces "like bettas", which I don't entirely agree with if we're getting under 5 or 10gl. But the defense is always that they live in small uncirculated puddles.

Then there's the "jumping out of shear exhilaration" and the need for a tight lid. I've read some killies were observed jumping from puddle to puddle in the wild, possibly in search of food. From what I read about male enthusiasm and what you mentioned about relentless chasing, I wouldn't be surprised if males were jumping puddles in search of mate as well. We have killies here in FL that climb into emergent mangrove roots and live there for months out of water. This point of jumping behavior etc and why it's happening totally changes the entire "required volume" debate. You enter the realm of animal intelligence and ethics, and start talking about animals like the octupus.

I think most of us dedicated planted and reef folks are looking for harmony in our tanks over anything, at least I hope most have figured that out because it's all tied into the artistic visual and the moods that we're after while we constantly push ourselves into deeper territory in this hobby.
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Hey what killies do we have that live in Mangrove roots? I've never heard that! (not saying I don't believe it- just the first time I've heard of them?)

I've considered taking my cast net down to the canal just to see what I'd get, but the gator skin I saw down there last time keeps giving me 2nd thoughts (apparently one of my neighbors ate a gator recently... Have I mentioned I live in the sticks? ROFL)
Rivulus marmoratus Poey, they're pretty weird fish.
yeah no kidding!

I grew up playing in mangrove swamps and I'm not sure I've ever seen one?? No females exist! And they often live in fiddler crab burrows... I have to have seen these, as many fiddler crabs as I've dug up in my lifetime? hmmm
Wow.."It is the only known naturally occurring, self-fertilizing vertebrate"..that would make a good trivia question.
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