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Killer Java Moss?

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I have a 10gal tank with endlers live bearers and cherry shrimp. I have a sponge filter and a HOB (with a sponge over the intake) I have massive amounts of java moss; it takes up 2/3 of the tank. It would be closer to a basket ball then baseballs or golfballs. There is enough that even a couple cherry shrimp make it to adulthood even with fish and weekly gravel vacuums and 30% water changes. The tank is fed finely crushed flakes twice a day, but there is always food left over that eventually sinks and is consumed by the waiting cherrys. ammonia is zero, nitrite is zero, nitrate is 10-15.

The tank has some gravel from an established tank that i added when this tank was cycling. It is not enough to completely cover the bottom, but like 2/3 has a thin layer. I left it because the shrimp liked it.

I know i overfeed, but my mom accuses me of being cruel if i feed any less. She blames my lack of feeding on the dissapearence of the fish, so i am trying to figure out where they are going.

My endlers population has actally decreased from three to two. They also breed once, and i think the remaining two are the surviving offspring of the original three. I have no idea where my fish are going. IS it possible that they get too adventurous and are getting trapped in the java moss? My teacher had a pregnant molly that was in a separate tank with some java moss and became entangled. She saved it just in time. That possibility never occurred to me, and i was wondering if it could have been the cause of my disappearing fish, but i have so much of this stuff that it seems almost plausible to me. And to think i keep it all to save the shrimp/fish offspring...
what do you think? thanks in advance
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I dont know where your fish are going. but if you are worried about them being trapped in the moss just remove half of it. people pay good money for java moss. put it on ptrader. or trade for some more endlers. lol. nice job growing so much java. now share some.
Lol its basically the only plant i am super successful at growing. Thats a good suggestion, i will try to trade some or just ROAK it. I knew i could just get rid of some, but i was more wondering if anyone had ever heard of this happening
I've heard of Java Moss getting in Cory catfish gills and killing them. The stuff grows like fire. Removed all of mine and gave it to a friend.
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