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Killer Dragonfly Larvae

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I've had a planted 10 gallon tank for three months now. Few weeks ago I noticed a strange little creature that looked shrimp-like with a grasshopper's head and forked tail. I was warned that it might be a dragonfly larvae and that it could spell trouble for my fish.

Then I caught the bugger munching on an oto. The poor fella didn't stand a chance and soon succumbed to his injury. It gets worse from there, I ended up finding three more of these things. I didn't hesitate to squish them, but I have no idea if I'm looking at an infestation here. I can only assume they came along with one of my plants.

So basically I just need to know what my options are for controlling this pest. I welcome any and all advice. Thank you.
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I think the real danger here would be to let them become fliers and if you have a wife who is not too keen on your hobby in the first place, she will be less so when she sees dragon flies in the house. :hihi: Just my personal experience.
No, I'm happily single. My major concern is the well being of my fish. I have six danios, two neon tetras, and three otos.
You just have to do a seek and destroy. I occasionally get a damsel fly nymphs in my tank. I've only observed an adult in the house once, It was emerging from the nymph skin in my sump.
Yeah, I was kind of dreading having to go the "watchman" route, but I suppose that's the duty those in the hobby take on. You just can't expect to have a planted tank without all the accompanying headaches.
since you have not inverts you may be able to go a chemical route to clear them out.

what chem im not sure, i just know most inverts seem to be harmed by the same stuff (dragonflys are inverts)
The same thing happened to me. i bought some fish on aquabid and they sent some free plants. the y mustve been grown outside. I used aquari sol the active ingredient is copper. killed them dead. i only saw 2 dragonfly larva. But alot of strange things hatched out of those plants. take care
Well, I could try to overdose with Flourish, that's got copper in it. I don't think it should harm anything.
This is not cool. I had one last winter.

I heard about them but never thought I would ever see one, I ordered some plants off ebay and had the plants in the tank for quite awhile actually, then one day.. I seen it.. chewing on one of my gourami fry... And at the same time WATCHING ME (I swear.. lol, creeeepy) while he devoured a baby gourami I had raised since day one!

I was however -- terrified of it. It was kind of large... And I didn't know what to do. So just for satisfaction.. I used plant tongs to rip him out and put him in the snowbank outside my door. I watched him struggle and then freeze. The next morning on my way to work I observed a nice little dragonfly nymph Popsicle.

After that I have not seen one since.. and Good riddance!
They are scary looking. i thought mine was a shrimp at first also.
The next morning
I thought you were going to start a sci-fi story.:icon_eek:
I've got to concur, they are indeed the most unsettling looking things. It's almost alien-like, that's why it reminded me of a grasshopper head with those bulbous eyes.
Take a picture of this thing next time you find one....I want to know what to look out for in my own tank. I have plants from other peeps as well and more on the way too.

How big was this bugger?
I don't have any at the moment that I can capture, but after googling for images I found this one:

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Damn...if yours looked like that, then that's one big muther! I would've [censored][censored][censored][censored] in my pants if I saw that swimming in my tank suddenly.
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