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Hi everybody! This is our first planted tank and so far, I think its working out okay. I was planning to have more pictures, but got lazy. Started with half white gravel and half aquasoil, but got tired of trying to keep the gravel white, so switched to all aquasoil. Added a driftwood, but took it out when we got the rocks. Approx. 50% water change every week.

Started it on 12/23/10.

Current Setup

MR11 LEDs from
10w CF bulb mod from the official EDGE thread
Pierce CO2 system
Glass bubble counter and check valve from ebay
ADA Gray Parts Set
Aquasoil Amazonia II powder
[STRIKE]White gravel[/STRIKE]
Rocks can't remember what kind

HC free from my friend lasutaku!
Anubias Nana Petite
Rotala?? not sure on this one. If someone could ID, that would be great.

looks like two different kind of snails
lots of little bugs?? super tiny, about the size of a ball point pen dot

RootMedic Complete Rootcaps
Rootmedic Complete Macro (one pump 3x a week)
Rootmedic Complete Micro (one pump 3x a week)


First day filled up with water 12/23/10


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Fat Guy - Thanks! Lasutaku pointed me to your thread when I told him I was thinking about buying an edge. Learned a lot from your experiences.

boredouttahell - Thanks! The rescape was more out of necessity than want. The HC on the left and right weren't doing so good, so I tried to put everything in the center and see how things grow out.
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