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A friend of mine showed me this kickstarter campaign today ( and my first thought was that it's amazing what people will buy if your spruce it up enough. To me this is just a glorified sea monkey kit that costs a few bucks at most to put together. The most expensive things in the kit are the marimo balls and the glass vase which can't cost more than 7 dollars or so each. The brine shrimp eggs and all the gimmicky stuff costs fractions of a cent. The retail price is a whopping 108 dollars!!! :surprise:
I've bought a sea monkey and triop kit before and while simple in theory, they don't tell you that you need a stable warm temperature and a source of a light. It's not as "instant" as the advertising makes it seem.
Anyhow, wonder what you guys think about this, I don't even think such a small volume system would be stable for more than a couple weeks. Atleast with the ecosphere the halocaridina rubra/opae ula they use is suited for the conditions they subject them to. Here's a product that was pretty hyped on kickstarter a while back (Aqua Design Innovations) but past the whole "aquaponics/eco friendly" spin they put on it, I can definitely see how the price is justified with the custom integrated UV, pump system, LED lighting, etc. THAT took effort and thought and imo does more to help introduce the hobby to the general public.
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