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So since my restart I noticed that my KH levels are really low and now also my GH is really low. City water report claim a GH of 6-7 degrees and my drop test kit confirms this out of my tap (or the other way around most likely). Now at WC day I measured my KH and GH.
KH is kinda hard since it changes color after the first drop so I would say KH is less than 1 degree, but I really don't care to much about that (maybe I should?). CO2 seems to be working anyways and the PH is low but stable atleast. Rising to 6.6 during the night and pushed down to 5.6-5.7 during the day when the CO2 is on.
The GH worries me a bit more though. This also changes color after the first drop, not a full color change but after two it does a full change so I guess it is somewhere around 1-2 degrees. That is to little I would say yes? What and why does this happend now, I noticed a drop in GH before but not this drastic. Is the plants absorbing all the calcium and magnesium? The plant mass is pretty high now I guess since I installed my moss wall pretty much doubling the plant load of the tank. What course of action would you say I should take?
Other than that I am dosing EI with an FE target of 0.2ppm and 3/4 of the normal macro dose.
I also have a pretty decent amount of Salvinia Auriculta (Floating Fern) that grows like crazy, not sure if the dosing actually handles all this plant mass? Testing currently around 0.1PPM fe but then I am adding a little bit TNC Iron as well.
Probably should cut the extra FE and dial in micros first instead. Doubled the dose from a halved EI dose to a full one but still did not get any good measurements. Started to see iron deficiencies in leaf tips on new leaves so added the pure iron in desperation.

Any tips or knowledge is greatly appreciated. I have some TNC GH booster at home, how many dGH should I add what is a good target? Problem is that I have to throw in quite a bit of the stuff just to add 1 dGH. Maybe there is a cheaper method for the long run? Would it be enough to add it after WC or should one aim to add it on Macro day or something similar?
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