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KH issues/ questions + others

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I have a 60 gallon. My KH is <10 ppm (.28 degress KH[using KH ppm x 0.056 conversion]). Should I toss some baking soda in? How much should I add? By what factor does each addition raise the KH? What is the optimal KH? Currently, I do not supplement with CO2, and I'm not worried about pH swings.

Supposedly, vallisneria sucks it up ( it = bicarbonate anion)?

Nitrates= about 30ppm
pH= about 6.6

The once flawless state of my otherwise minimally-maintained aquarium (only kept filters clean and fed fish with amazing results for >3 months, now) is now in a state of exponential decline. I blame the lack of sun. Algae are starting in, and my Cabomba caroliniana and Vallisneria are taking a hit. Najas guadalupensis is dominating (as usual). The Bacopa is growing algae.

I think it's either KH or the change of seasons (tank is outside). This summer was the first in the tank's current location. The location of the Earth now prevents the 2-3 hours of intense sunlight that the tank was receiving in the mornings. · · · — — — · · · Any help/ suggestions/ comments are appreciated

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If you have no reason to change the gH/kH (ie: plants, fish), then leave it alone. It is probably changes in the lighting schedule associated with the change of the seasons.
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