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so i got a nutrafin gh/kh test kit. its the ones you add the drop and look for color change like the api one.

I tested both water from my tank and my tap

tank results:
kh = 2 drops = 20ppm
gh = 4 drops = 80ppm

tap results:
kh = 7 drops = 70ppm
gh = 8 drops = 160ppm

the manual says to multiply the number of drops of kh by 10 to get the ppm / mg/L value
the manual says to multiply the number of drops of gh by 20 to get the ppm / mg/L value

no idea as to what i should be seeing and if this is normal.

my tank is new heavily planted and is fully cycled with a good amount of stock, check my profile for plants and fish ect.

ph in my tank is 6.4-6.6 and holds there.

let me know what you all think.

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From a distance, I may show a great deal of ignorance on your area, so correct me if it is totally wrong.
You live in an area that is known to have soft acidic water. The whole of the Northeastern part of the continent might often fit that. Some pockets of different water, though.
You live in an area that has little limestone and lots of far harder rock like granite and marble?? Possibly lots of conifer/pine type trees that make water acidic?
So it would seem that your test shows the water I might expect, just from my limited knowledge of your area. Lots of trees to help drive the water acidic and little limestone to erode and make the water hard.
Sounds like your testing fits. Acidic with not much carbonite hardness.
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