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I have a low tech 75 gallon. I seem to be having an issue with the KH dropping in the tank. My parameters are:

pH: 7
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 10
GH: 10
KH: 0

I tested the KH straight out of the tap and it was 3. So something is causing the KH in the tank to drop. My pH does seem to be steady at about 7 with no apparent fluctuations.

My tank specifics are:

Substrate: Eco Complete
Ferts: Seachem plant tabs, Flourish (one capfull twice weekly), Excel (two capfulls daily)
Filtration: Aquatop CF500 with filter pads and bio media, no chemical filtration
Lighting: Finnex 24/7 running at 24/7 mode
Temp: 80

I have two pieces of wood in the tank (purchased at a LFS)
Lot of plants that seem to be growing well.

Any thoughts on what would cause the KH to drop to practically 0? I do monthly water changes at only about 25%. I keep them low as my nitrate readings are only at about 10. Should I step them up a bit?

I also heard the organics in the water could cause KH to drop. I have some Seachem Purigen on order, should be here today. If I use that could that take our enough of the organics to give the KH a boost? I also have Matrix showing up today. I was planning on putting the Matrix before the Purigen so the Matrix would have access to the organics before the Purigen removed it thereby allowing the bacteria to do their thing unhindered as I want a certain amount of nitrate as the tank is heavily planted (in theory).

Any thoughts?

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Yes this will work.
People also place crushed coral or a saltwater substrate in a filter sock. Hob or canister.

With a pH of 7 it may take a while to raise the KH though.

Dosing something will provide immediate results.

Thanks for the advice. I'll add some crushed coral to my canister as soon as I can get some. My local PetSmart and Petco didn't have any (except for the 20# bags). I'll run up to House of Tropicals (a locally owned store, they have pretty much everything) and get some this weekend.

I'm not going top go the route of the Seiryu stones as I already have volcanic stones and river cobbles. Another kind of stone would make things look haphazard. Maryland Guppy, looks like we're neighbors!
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