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Kessil questions!

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Hi all!
I'm looking to upgrade my 55g lighting and I really want to move into a pair of kessil lights, but I'm unsure what lights are going to fit my needs best.

Currently I have a Finnex planted+ 24/7 (I believe Its the CC version) and it has a very hard time getting enough light to the bottom of my tank, I have lots of Anubias some becoppa and a few tri color lily's along with some penny worth that's floating around. I am looking to get some bottom cover going as well as putting in some narrow leaves stem plants.

So after all that here's the big question,
Can I get away with using the Kessil A160's or do I have to get the A360's?

I, for obvious reasons would love to save some money but not at the detriment of my tank.
It's also worth noting that I would like to be on able to use these lights on the Prostar 150 I plan on upgrading to in the coming year or two.
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I think two A160s will be enough. The newer A360X would have better color since I think they have an updated chip. If you want future proofing the two A360s will hold their resale value better and also light the larger tank just fine.
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