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Keeping tank cycled between fish

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Hey Just wondeing what you guys do when you're between fish? My 29gal has been housing my BN plecs for the last year but I'm moving them into another tank now and planning to put cories in this one. Hopefully I'll have my cories by next weekend but I want to get it set up ready for them now. Whats the best way to keep ths tank cycled? Throw in food every day as if I was still feeding the plecs? Just dump a prawn in there? Obviously I'll keep running filters/lights/heater as its still home to a pile of plants All ideas welcome Cheers
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you wont need to feed it every day. Without the food being consumed ALL the nutrition will wind up in the water. feeding it once a week should be sufficient. then make sure you do a large water change before adding new fishes.
Excellent! Thanks Reef
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