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Hello. I am doing timelapses of mosses growing for a project. As mosses are sensitive to changes in moisture levels, I am trying to find a way to keep the relative humidity in the grow chamber steady over the weeks or months that will be needed to do the shots. I also have to keep the air moving to some extent so that it doesn't become stagnant.

One option is just having a fogger, mister or household humidifier attached to a hygrometer, where it would be turned on when the relative humidity got below a threshold. The problem with this is that it could create visible fluctuations before and after the periodic infusion of moisture (beads of water on the moss, colouration of the moss, etc). I'm looking for a way of doing that would allow me to maintain a constant level of relative humidity in the grow chamber.

Another consideration is the clarity of the air in terms of being able to take consistently clear photos, so it can never get too humid.

I've looked into passive methods of maintaining humidity on mushroom grow forums and stuff. Maybe an idea could be having the grow chamber heated to a certain temperature so that water in an automatically replenished reservoir in the bottom of the chamber would constantly be evaporating a small amount and maintaining the target relative humidity?

Also, anyone have any suggestions for lights for growing mosses? I'm presuming they wouldn't do well with normal HID LED grow lights as many mosses are shade plants, but maybe I'm wrong. How could you get mosses to grow as quickly as possible indoors?

Anyone else have ideas? Thanks a lot! :nerd:
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