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My 20g long setup is a little over 3 months old now and I've been doing twice monthly PWC keeping water at 0,0,5-10.

The first two months my water ph has gone from a steady 6.6-6.8 with Tetras and Cories to the last month at 7.2 after I added rams and amanos.

Ever since I added in 7 amanos and 2 dwarf rams, I'm worried about the high ph. They are doing fine, look and behave like rams. (They were raised in 6.8 ph) The shrimps have all moulted and are out and about like they should be.

This slightly alkaline water has me confused. Since I see no ill effects.

Tank Stats:
Fluval 206
Fluval Shrimp/plant Stratum (this lowers ph supposedly, been in tank for three months)

Question is should I try and lower the ph by putting peat granules in my Fluval 206? (Currently has sponges, floss and biomax)

How much Sera Super peat should I add to a media bag? Anyone with some expertise?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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