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Keep or lower? 7.2 Ph, Dwarf Rams and Shrimp.

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My 20g long setup is a little over 3 months old now and I've been doing twice monthly PWC keeping water at 0,0,5-10.

The first two months my water ph has gone from a steady 6.6-6.8 with Tetras and Cories to the last month at 7.2 after I added rams and amanos.

Ever since I added in 7 amanos and 2 dwarf rams, I'm worried about the high ph. They are doing fine, look and behave like rams. (They were raised in 6.8 ph) The shrimps have all moulted and are out and about like they should be.

This slightly alkaline water has me confused. Since I see no ill effects.

Tank Stats:
Fluval 206
Fluval Shrimp/plant Stratum (this lowers ph supposedly, been in tank for three months)

Question is should I try and lower the ph by putting peat granules in my Fluval 206? (Currently has sponges, floss and biomax)

How much Sera Super peat should I add to a media bag? Anyone with some expertise?
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I don't see how adding some fish could have raised the pH.
In any case, I would leave your pH alone.


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Well ,let us say that your tank now sit's at 7.2 pH.
If your tapwater is higher, or near same,then this would be less dramatic change than previously = good news for fish.
If you were to lower the pH ,then tapwater with higher pH at water changes would be more dramatic,possibly stressful.(due to sudden increase in GH).
Fishes will adapt to the pH you have so long as it is stable,consistent, and this is far more important than chasing some magic number.
PH is but a number that fish don't feel.It is the sudden change in hardness that affect's the fish more so than the pH.
pH is usually, associated with mineral content,buffering capabilities,but most folk's don't test GH,KH, and instead look to pH which as mentioned isn't really as important as the hardness (GH) or KH (buffering capability).
My two cent's.

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If you are keeping fish from a black water river, then add peat. Otherwise I would not bother. pH in the low to mid 7s is usually just fine for soft water fish.

Of the list in your signature I know guppies are hard water fish, they do not need the organic acids that are found in a black water stream.

Not sure about the others. Many Tetras and other SA fish do come from black water streams, but not all. I think Rams do better with black water, but not sure.
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