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Hi all! I'm new here, and have come out of lurking around and have decided to share and see if anyone has some suggestions that would be helpful.

I am a college student who has had fish for a few years and finally has started to really get into the planted arena. I was impressed by the reviews on here, as well as some good videos on youtube, to go out and purchase the Fluval Spec- 2.0 gal. I had always wanted a tank that would have a "mini sump" or built in filter, as well as a price I could handle.

I had prior to the spec a 2.5 tank with a betta named Jaque- and transferred some of the old media, plants and sand into the spec, and so far the only modification was a bit of sponge over the outflow to make it easier on the betta .


Plants: Anubis nana? I will need some help on identifying the other plant- it was a petco grab

Equipment: Original light and filter, as well as an added heater

Substrate: tahiti sand

Inhabitants: Jaque- rosetail betta

I would like some help with finding a plant that would fill in the back space that requires no co2, and needs low light, or any other suggestions! Thanks for reading!
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