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Can I dose only one fert to get 'K' in my tank ?
If Yes,which Chem shoud be uses ?
K2SO4 or KNO3 or KH2PO4 ?
And how to calculate the dosing amount ?

Cos of my low budget I can't test water parameter.
But,I guess our water is little Hard.
My tank is 60L(2'x1'x1') and its 2 years old.
Growth of the plant very slow and plant don't look too much healthy too.
Due to very slow growth of rotala and ludwigia sometimes algae(small very thin hair like) take over them.
The only source of plant food is fish waste/fish food.
Substrate is backyard soil covered with sand and gravel.
36W 6500K Light.
No CO2.
Due to our hot climate CO2 level of water also stays low I guess.


23 Posts
Thanks for the link!

Can you tell me what nutrient deficiency my tank have currently ?
All new leaves are green and Ok but old leaved become faded away and little darker.
Front edge of the older leaves are little brownish/yellowish.
Most of the plants have no holes at their leaved except tiger lotus.
Tiger Lotus red enough so I guess no problem with Fe in the tank.
I do WC 30%-50% once in two weeks.
Sadly I can't post better pic than the above.

So,I don't have any nutrient deficiency in my tank ???
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