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Hi guys,

My first post but long time lurker.

I bought a Juwel Vision 450 (100 gallon) tank with an Eheim Professional II external filter.

The tank came with a dual T8 fixture AND a dual T5 filter.

I have 2 x 36 watt T8s and 2 x 54 watt T5s

This gives me 180 watts and a pretty low 1.8 watts per gallon.

Even if I upgraded the T8s to T5s I would only end up with 2.24 watts per gallon.

So - deciding to just stick with the current lighting I ordered the following plants:
Bacopa Caroliniana (B. Amplexicaulis) or Baby's  Tears
Microsorium Pteropus Java Fern
Hygrophilia Polysperma
Anubias Nana
Aponogeton Crispus
Aponogeton Ulvaceus
Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Microsorium Pteropus Windelov
		Quantity - 5
These are all apparently fine in low-medium lighting. I already have some java moss and riccia fluitans.

The longer I read this forum though the more I am inclined to think that this tank is not going to do very well with this light, even though these are low light plants. I am tempted for the upgrade but feel it's a lot of money for not a very big increase in wpg.

What do you guys think?


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You have plenty of light. When I first started with high tech tanks a few years ago I thought you had to have lots of light. When you start with 3+ watts per gallon of t5 you will learn fast how to balance your tank meaning light,co2,ferts or you will have a tank full of algea. I would keep the lights you have a get some experiece under your belt. Hight light=high maintnence it can get overwelming especially for a noob.

have you ever seen these tanks are beautifull and have alot less light than you would think.
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