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Juwel Rio 240 - Power head placement

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first post here...I have a Juwel RIO 240 which I have recently planted and equipped with pressurised CO2 with a bazouka type diffuser that atomises CO2 in the tank and 2x54W T5 tubes.

Reducing all items in the tank I calculate approx 200L of water and have a 1000L/hr pump in the internal corner filter. The outlet nozzle is at the back right and pointed (direction adjustable) to front top middle. Inlet is on the front of the internal canister at the top. So from this I am getting approx 5x flow. Attached is the setup.

In order to increase the flow, I just got an aquamedic ecodrift rated between 800-4000L/hr - this should get me to the total recommendation of 10x the volume. Almost in the third week of this setup, I did not notice any change in plant growth whatsoever.

My query is best to place the power head and its direction as well as direction of nozzle outflow and position of the diffuser to optimise the flow. My current setup is diffuser below nozzle outlet and starting CO2 at 2 hrs before lights come up with quite a fast bubble rate (that I cannot manage to count) and get a green diffuser towards 4 hrs from start. Reading here I understand that the power head will do the job but where to place it is my concern.

Any help appreciated especially if someone already has this type of setup.


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