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I was telling my grandpa about my new aquarium adventure a few days ago (he use to keep aquariums throughout most of his early adult years as well so I was also getting some advice from him) and this morning he surprised me with a home visit including two young angelfish... 😓 I'm certain my tank isn't quite ready for fish so I'm a little peeved, I can't be too upset with him but I was waiting for a reason...

I put floated them in the 55 I'm working on, and slowly added tank water to acclimate them, but I'm fairly certain the calico-colored one has ich on it's right fin. The black one, I'm not sure if he's injured his lip during all this moving around, or if it could be fungus or a virus...?

I was recording a clip of them (they're hanging out on the lower, back right corner of the 55 gallon. The video is zoomed in, I didn't want to get super close and scare them more, I recorded it from the front glass of the tank) and also caught another thing I'm unsure of: it looked like one of them (might be the calico colored one?) released some sort of liquid, it honestly reminds me of adult male fish releasing a sperm cloud 😳 but I know they're way too young to be capable of breeding lol... They're not quite the size of a quarter in body size, I'd say. So I'm actually curious what that might have been, if anyone may know?

And if anyone may have an idea what is going on with the black ones lip? I want to give them some more time to adjust before I rush into treating anything... Figured I should make sure of what I'm looking at, too, before trying to treat something that may not be there. I am pretty sure there's a few spots of ich on the calico ones fin though. Not sure if it shows in the video, since the black one stays in the front most of it.
Edit to add: I think they both have been actively watching their reflections in the glass, so I'm going to find something I can cover the back and sides with, at least temporarily. I thought they seemed wary of the reflection so maybe the white lip is an injury from attacking the glass?

Here's the video, I uploaded it to imgur. I'm not sure if there's a better way to link videos to this forum but let me know if this isn't right 😅 and thank you for any and all advice!!

Edit: adding a few still images in case the video isn't working or something:

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