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this is a 36" pine canopy from All Glass Aquarium. i've taken it and added a 96 watt bright light kit in it and also a 20 watt standard fluorescent bulb.

i had to add a 24x4x1 piece of wood so that it would allow correct placement of the reflector as there are gaps in the top of the canopy. it allowed me to place it further towards the middle of the canopy where it needed to be. this is what the canopy looks like if you don't know.

here in red, you can see the piece of plywood i used to bring the reflector closer to the middle. you can't put it on the last piece because there wouldn't be room for the ballast(s) and it would be shining outside of the tank.

circled in blue are two screws that i used to tilt the reflector some, towards the middle of the tank as well.

the 20 watt, 24" bulb is wired with coralife water-resistant endcaps. i bought a ballast from lowe's. this reflector is mounted on the middle piece of wood, which lifts up when you open the canopy. like so:

on the two sides, i mounted two flexible moonlights from coralife as well.

here you can see it all

i hope that in some way this will help anyone who purchases one of these canopies.
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