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JusT venting!!

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Came home from work today only to discover the living room had been rearranged. Guess what? In the process my wife scooted over the end table my first and only planted tank was on. While doing this she bumped my CO2 and gassed all my cherry red shrimp and my oto cats. I know this has happen to others do I'm just venting a little here. The worst part is she knew the CO2 was up to high by the drop checker and then unplugged my timer turning the silenoid off. She noticed the fish and shrimp gasping up top and a oto die. Thinking she did something wrong she plugged it back in. Finishing up the rest of the shrimp. She didn't bother calling me at work asking how to fix it when this first started. Said I would be to mad all day at her at work.
Guess I need to save for some more and just let this go. Bad timing in all with a 3 week old baby. Not a lot whole lot of extra $$ laying around right now B^\
Any ways thanks for listening to me whine
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It's good to vent, but remember that it could always be worse. Get a few fire reds to replace the cherries and consider it trading up!!
Yeah I want fire reds or crystal reds next. I was able bring 3 cherries back. Looks like they might make it.
At least it happened out of ignorance and. Not malicious intent. I know it doesn't help to say this but it could have been worst, and if they suffered, it would have been brief. Sorry to hear of your loss. Its too bad people can't be more honest and up front. It could have saved your tank.
My fiance knows better than to touch anything near my fish or spray anything near the fish....He hasn't killed anything yet. =D
Don't get to down on it. At least it wasn't high grade crystals or anything like that. I can send you some cherries if needed. Nothing special, but my club says that they a pretty red. You'd have to pay for the shipping though. Let me know

I can also send you some cherries for free you pay the shipping I can send enough to form a rapid colony i have several berried females i can donate we can all pitch in and get you back up and running in no time friend just pm me you addy and how many you need
Thanks for all the kind gestures on a tuff day. (pm's sent) I really appreciate it. I did fine one very small juvenile hiding in my filter. Not sure how he got there (inlet covered in foam)and I have never seen any there before but it was a pleasant sight.
With a 3-weeks-old baby, anything that your wife does is normal.

If you need any plants, free of anything, just PM
Thanks-OTV. I'm sure she would agree. This is our 3rd and all girls so I've been here before.
I think I'm good on plants. I am looking for a nice foreground that works well with Eco-complete. I ended up removing most of my HC. It is super hard to get it to stay in. Any suggestions. Glosso?
Hey, why dont you freeze dry em and turn them into snacks for your fish?!
Gotta look at the positive side of things :p

That really sucks, dude. Thats why, after buying a full co2 setup, i decided not to use any of it. Too much risk of either killing my stock or having someone in the house get hurt, or worse, because of a tank busting a leak or something.
Nooooo thank you. I Stick to my good ol' simple, low/med light tanks :p
I have thought about turning it off also. Mainly so i dont gas my shrimp again. Not really scaried about the tank busting though. Being a metal Fabicator/ welder I have been around tanks a long time and never seen one bust or cause any damage. Having it properly inspected and serviced is always a plus and peace of mind. It is also kept out of the way and secured with straps to my stand. My kids know never touch it. Now if I can only keep my wife away from it. B^)
I am looking for a nice foreground that works well with Eco-complete. I ended up removing most of my HC. It is super hard to get it to stay in. Any suggestions. Glosso?
I think it's more of a personal taste/preference and what looks good to you given the rest of the tank.

I tried glosso and it promptly died on me. I was not too upset as I did not like it that much. I do see it a lot in other people's shrimp tanks. I was keeping HC for a while in AquaSoil, but after 3-4 months it just became too much of a hassle (and it did went floating on me also).

I personally like DHG, Blyxa, and S. repens. mostly for the looks and the lesser up-keep hassle. I have some S. repens and maybe some Blyxa, so let me know if you would like some.
My DHG is doing well in eco complete without co2, and my yellows love it. That would be my suggestion.
So sorry to hear about your shrimp :( she must feel terrible! Those are very kind gestures with the shrimp offers! My little population is still getting settled - none berried yet, or I'd offer you some too.

My fiancé is allowed to use the algae scraper, that's it, and I told him to not spray anything near the tanks. He's even afraid to feed them, and I don't want him to anyways!

Co2 has always scared me...I've never used it. Best of luck with the new shrimp!
My wife is banned from touching anything fish related. She doesn't even feed them. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
Yes my wife does feel terrible. But what can you do.

I do have DHG in the back of my tank. It's doing really well. It's just that darn HC did't do as well as I hoped so I pulled it and have a large empty spot in the front of my tank. I grew it emersed and it spread well for a months that way. After I added water it just went down hill. Partly because this is my first planted tank(experience) and trying it get everything working right. I didn't pull it all but left a small amount on the side. It's not growing to fast though. Thanks everyone.
Never heard back from you. The offer still stand if you need some.
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