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Just showing off the kids

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So this is my new tank. Well it's not actually new but the shrimp in it are.

Is only been a week and a half but there are two berried and a bunch of molted shells. A pic of mama and Myrtle.

And we can't forget the rest of the kids.

Someone wants a closeup

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Blue pearls

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That's what I thought. I'm glad someone has them. :thumbsup:

We need to have those bred for best color, definitely. That aspect of our hobby has been lacking for a while.
I'd like to do that, but I don't know enough about them yet.
When I got them it seemed like most were a clear/yellowish color. Now there are some that are definitely bluish and some that are still the original color. Not sure why. Did they molt? Stupid white sand I can't see the shells except for the few that have done it on the marimo or rock. How many molts before they turn blue? Or were they yellowish from stress? How long to acclimate? and bunch of other questions that I need to observe before I can start doing anything useful . Plus I'd like a larger population before I start messing with them too. More research needed... OK my inner lab geek is showing.

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They can turn off-color to a certain degree when stressed.

In other countries there is a color that has been developed from BP called Amber. This is a strain of yellow/orange. I haven't seen it in the US though.
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