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Just scaped my first rimless!

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Waterbox clear mini 30
30 gallons
All dragon stone and easy plants
Low tech tank, no co2
Fluval plant 3.0 light

Going to put a oase filtosmart 100 canister filter on, just bought the wrong size lilly pipes so waiting for the new ones to come in, just have a hang on back on for now

Mostly controsoil for the substrate, used lava rock in mesh bags at the very bottom to get some height in the back

Would love any feedback!
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Interesting display! Scape suits the shape of the tank. Picture #2 has a dramatic affect with the texture of the rocks. Having the tank in the alcove makes it look like you've arrived at an inner sanctum to see a venerated artifact. Love the lava rock in mesh bags idea.

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Just some updated pictures of the tank! As I figured the dwarf hair grass is taking forever to carpet as there is no CO2 but that was expected. The Monte Carlo and s repens both also really suffered, with algae growing on them but still just barely hanging on. This whole tank was sort of an experiment really as I've never tried any of those plants but figured they wouldn't do the greatest without CO2 but wanted to give it a try anyway. I also never dose any liquid ferts, only aquasoil and some root tabs in the initial set up so far. So far I'm pretty happy with the way it's filling in, I expected the water wisteria to explode, which it has, as it always does in my tanks lol along with the vallisneria.
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