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Just planted my first planted tank!

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Hello everyone newbie to forums here. So i decided to plant my already established (over 1 year) 10 gallon aquarium. It is my first time planting and i have a few concerns if anyone could help ease my mind. first about my tank specs:
10 gallon
marineland penguin 150 filter
flourite substrate by seachem
lighting i have 2 cfl bulbs that say 10 watts each and full spectrum
fish: 8 neon tetras, 8 Harlequin rasbora, 2 red platy (overstocked i know)

1. after planting i did some research and i see some of the plants i chose get very tall and bushy idk if they will take over the whole tank can anyone tell me if i should remove or replace or move some of my plants around im tryna imagine it fully grown

2. im worried about my lighting idk if i have weak lighting. low med or high lighting...

3. and finally i have this plant behind the drift wood its like a faded red color with the petal that reaches the top of my water line. can anyone identify what plant it is i cant find the name anywhere.

i have some kind of crypt plant to the right rear. i have 2 amazon swords left rear. an anubias and i forgot what the 2 small ones in front of the wood are called. Im going for a grass carpet to the right of the tank. I may be stressing the way i planted this i dont want my first tank to just die out or be a disaster. anyways any input or advice will be very much appreciated i know i have a lot of questions and thank you all in advance.


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The reddish plant is a lily, aka lotus and grows huge if you are lucky. Well we always say it is better to stuff a new tank, don't we! The swords and Aponogeton that is behind the equally large growing reddish leaved lily will likely outgrow the tank as well.

The little rosette plants in front and to the left of the wood are crypts but the plant at right rear looks like a larger type of Anubias or a Brazilian sword which isn't aquatic. The long frilly leaved rosette plant behind the lily looks like an Aponogeton to me.

The grassy plant looks like dwarf Sagittaria to me. It too can outgrow a 10 gallon tank.

Only solution??? Get a huge tank! Just kidding. Some of your plants are going to thrive and some will likely die. You will pull out and rehome some that you just don't end up liking and keep others. Keeping too large leaves cut off can stunt some plants enough that they are fine in a small tank, supposed to work for lilies at least. I guess that you will be happy with your tank in a year's time with the crypts, dwarf sag and Anubias. Some fish stores will give you store credit for clean healthy plants you don't want or you can offer them here for sale, trade or RAOK even.

My long gone 10 gallon tank had the same lights and I considered it medium light. I dosed it with the same powders I used on the big tank but in pinches once a week rather than teaspoons every other day. At the very least get a bottle of aquatic plant fertilizer and dose according to directions. Get a pack of root tabs and push a piece of one under each of the rosette plants.

Pull that beautiful Anubias on the left side so the roots are in the gravel but not the rhizome, that tends to rot if covered with substrate. Be aware that most aquarium plants are grown in air and those air leaves will die back quickly. Sword plants aren't so bad, they get yellow and brown spots but crypts and lilies melt into a horrible goo. Just remove dying leaves and watch the center of the plants for new growth. It will come! The plant on far right in the back may be non aquatic but it is a terrific plant to grow with roots in water. If you are using a hang on the back filter you can just stick it in there.

Get the heater out of the substrate!

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That was so much help i googled everything you named and it checks out. im going to remove the plant to the right side of the tank. the one behind the lily is a crispus(Aponogeton) i have 2 swords to the left of it(might remove 1 of them). my healthy anubias whose rhizome is above the gravel and my little crypts. That was very thorough and helpful it gives me a better idea of how it will look and how i will replant and move stuff around. Its just such a pain moving and replanting i think ill wait for everything to settle a bit as i just set this up last night. Thank you so much! btw that is a gorgeous setup you have there!
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