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Just picked up a Boyu SP-1000a

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Is it strange that I'm so excited to set it up?

I picked this pump up for free from my friend who no longer needs it in hopes of solving my recent problems with water circulation and aeration. It should solve both issues with the added bonus of providing some extra filtration! I can't wait to get home and set this thing up.
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Installed this today and the current flow is excellent and once the filter sponge gets some bacteria living in it, I'm sure the filtration will help out nicely as well. Unfortunately, if I have the tube connected for aeration, the noise is very obnoxious and the amount of bubbles makes the top half of the tank nearly impossible to view.

I hope the current helps circulate the water from the bottom part of the tank better and the additional surface agitation is enough to increase the oxygenation in the tank. Hopefully it works well for me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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