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I just started keeping fish for the first time this summer. Started with a 40g, then bought two 20g longs. Long story short, I wanted to get into plants, and I got really confused trying to research the topic so I just bought a bunch of plants from petco to see which ones died. I just planted them all willy-nilly. Not a single one died. (I buried the roots of the ferns and they died, but it turns out they just make babies when that happens). I put a ton of Java moss in and bought some blue dream shrimp which are breeding. I also put some Moscow guppies in. I picked up snails at some point, but I even love my snails.

I also have a really successful betta sorority because I bought all of the fish from a breeder. I had to separate a few trouble makers, but I have a bunch of female bettas doing really well together.

I hope to get ideas here for the 29g I just picked up and just share my love of these plants and animals and how they all function together. Having tanks to watch and take care of is really therapeutic, and they add so much to my life and provide a lot of good healthy entertainment to my family.


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