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Just Joined And Thought I Would Say Hello!

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Hello there, and thanks for popping by to read my ramblings! :smile:

I am from Buckinghamshire in the South-East of England. I live with my partner and daughter, along with two rabbits, two kittens a host of Midnight and Silver Mollies and now a Purple Vampire and Red Devil crab- it's getting pretty crowded here! :hihi:

I dabble with art, using inks on canvas and watercolours. I work part-time in Nursing and Healthcare but do hope to sell my artwork if I can find anyone daft enough to purchase it!

It would be great to get some advice regarding the fish/crabs, so I might pester people at some point.

Thanks again for reading!

Best wishes.

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ooh a watercolourist! I love my little set to pieces. I guess this is kind of a shot in the dark, but do you have deviantart? It's another nice community site, especially if you're looking to get some feedback and diversify your style. And another question- do you ever paint your tanks, or is that just me? I find it super useful to visualize things.

This site is great for pestering. People here are very generous with their 2c. The best advice though, is to keep an open mind, think before you post, and take everything with a good pinch of salt. so, welcome!
+1 for deviantart.
if there's one place i waste my time on more than here, it's there.
great community of artists indeed!
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