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I'll start with the technical part.
Currently running
20G "garbage can" tank (Java moss and plant clippings)
29G musk turtle/ feeder guppy tank
40B planted community (fish- 8 ottos, 6 spotted cory, 10 rummy noses, 8 cardinals- I want 10 more, and taking suggestions for feature fish, though I'm thinking rams. Plants- apongeton crispus, dwarf clover, java fern, java moss, anubias)
220G goldfish/ hornpout tank
500G(?) Hot tub converted to red eared and yellow belly slider tank

I've kept fish since I was a kid. Had a period of 3 years that I bred fish for- cichlids and catfish mostly, tried stingrays because it pays a lot and I have the tank space but that was a giant "nope" experience. I now whole heartedly believe stingrays belong in the wild.

I am done with breeding and propagating plants and have scaled back to just having a hobby again. I've broken down all my tanks and have decided to keep my former apisto breeder turned plant propagation 40B and turn it into a low tech planted community tank.... That's what brings me here 馃槂 I've been away from the actual hobby for so long that I'm in need of some guidance on stocking and low tech growing.

I am still working on cleaning up the algae on the tank but I'll post a picture when the lights come on tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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