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Just got my new 3G BioBubble planted

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Really excited, its my first tank in 20 years. Got it all set up last night and keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't screw it up and will come home to find all the plants dead.

Its a 3G BioBubble tank with some guppies and a few unidentified fish in it.

edit - by all set up, I mean added the plants and accessories, cycled it and had live fish in in for a few weeks now.


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They have a "safety" guard built into it now. Not sure if they did then (I have the Gen 2 model). It keeps the fish from getting into the lower crevices and the flow of the water as you close it pushes the fish out of the higher ones.

Though last night one little bugger figured out how to get under the guard as I was putting the plants in. Had a fun time pulling the guard out and coaxing the fish back out, lol.
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