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Just got my Finnex Ray 2 for my 60 gallon

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I got my Finnex Ray 2 in 48" light. First let me say wow this thing is bright! I had 2 finnex fugeray planted plus 30" and am still using 1 of them. I have my lights set for 6 hours a day.

I got noticeably more algae since I put the ray 2 on. I dose excel daily and add seachem ferts according to their dosage chart. I currently have a GLA GRO PRO Advance on the way. Will this help keep my algae under control with my new light?

Forgot to mention its growing worse on my plant leaves. My anabias and amazon swords leaves are turning brown.
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Raise the light if you can, the Ray2 is powerful.
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No, CO2 will not magically make algae go away. CO2 just helps plants grow to their full potential. You need to lower your light levels closer to what they used to be... (raise the fixture, put a screen under the fixture, use thin strips of electrical tape to block some of the LEDs, etc...)

If you only have plants like anubias and amazon swords in there then you are running way too much light and the Ray2 is totally unnecessary.
I also got dwarf sag, hygro willow, ludwigia repens, and some kind of crypts.
cut your light period by half and your algae should chill out
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