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Just filled my 1g and a question about stock level

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I have just filled and planted my 1g nano i have a pair of endlers livebearers (if/when they breed the mother will be placed in a fry tank) but will i be able to fit my 5 cherry red shrimp in there also? or would this be too much for such a small tank?

p.s. I'm new to nanos :)
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the tank has an internal power filter... smallest one i could get and it still seems like overkill on this tank
I don't think 1 gallon is big enough for ANY fish. I would have shrimp only.
I believe he was going to use this as a breeding tank. In that case, they should be in there for only a day or two if they're anything like their cousins, Guppies.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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