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just bought a pair of golden rams :) few questions.

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just bought a pair of golden rams :) few questions.
Spent a little over and hour acclimating them and they are in my 75g with my 13 cardinals

So far so good. I wanted to get a breeding pair and I am pretty sure 95% that I picked a male and female. I didn't know if they would pair up nicely though as there were a lot of them in the tank.

They seem to be swimming together all the time right from the beginning. I would imagine this is a very good sign? They are also just cruising slowly along the bottom checking every nook and cranny for food which I believe they are finding.

Is this normal behavior? To pair up so fast and almost immediately start searching for food? What about staying low to the substrate? I know they are bottom dwellers but being new to fish I didn't know it went this literally aquarium fish forum smiley

Anyone have these fish have some god care tips or advice? I think of my fish like my pet and immediately bond, I would hate to see them not thrive.

Unfortunately their color isn't the best ATM, but the female has a nice pink belly. I imagine that's a good sign?

Will the female and male color up the same way?? How long should it take before I start to see good color?

Thanks in advanced I am sure there will be more questions :0)
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Just to add they are not interested in the cardinals at all.

They cardinals stay out of their way. They are young and small so I don't blame em.

Another thing I noticed is the female seems to lead the male around like on a leash, is the common behavior?
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