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Jungle Vas and algae

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I have jungle vals in my 75 gal tank - I like the look as it trails across the top. However, I was out of town and my nitrates got low - came back and now I see a bloom of algae growing on the tips of the vals. I heard Excel and peroxide are not good for vals so I have resisted spot treating the trailing val leaves.

I like the trailing look at the surface of the tank but should have realized that means the PAR at the surface is very high. I am trying to keep my all my macros in check with test kits two times a week. I should have figured that if there was going to be algae anywhere, it would start there. I was at 7 hrs of light per day and took it down to 6 last night after seeing the algae.

What is everybody doing to keep algae off jungle vals given the sensitivity to Excel/peroxide and the leaves at the surface of the tank where PAR is most intense?

My tank is 75 gal, pressurized CO2 with a pH controller, running for 4 months, EI dosing, GH booster, ecocomplete substrate, Finnex Monster and Finnex Ray 2 (the val is mostly under the monster light but the algae is worst on the leaves under the Ray 2), I do have some screen under the Ray 2 because I fought algae once before and had to cut down the intensity of the Ray 2, 6 hrs per day lights on, medium stock of plants, med stock of various community fish.


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I think you need to look at your CO2. Controlling CO2 with a controller can be a negative if the target ph doesn't get you where you need to be in CO2 concentration. What macros are you keeping in check and why are you trying to do that? This seems to have contributed to the problem. I would recommend you change to EI dosing.

Also, you can trim Vals. It seems if they got as long as they appear that they would affect to plants you have may have growing in the shade.
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