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  • [STRIKE]Jungle val, 2 large (24"), 5 medium (16"), 15 odd small (8" or less) for $12[/STRIKE] Pending sold, can pull a few more if you'd like and are ordering other stuff from me
  • Wisteria 7 stems for $8
  • 20 Malaysian Trumpet Snails, most larger than 1" for $6
  • Miscellaneous brown/spotted ramshorns, $5 for 50, order more than 50 and you'll get a deal (will include cambomba or hornwort with them, your choice)
  • Small amounts of hornwort and cambomba if interested, will include with other purchase
  • can include root tabs for a few bucks to make planting convenient for you




The tiles pictured are 8"

Shipping is $7 USPS priority.

Will trade for non-duckweed floaters.

Paypal only please, ensure your address is current. No heat packs so mind your weather, no DOA.

Will ship Monday if payment is received, please check your messages and respond to me promptly (less than 24 hours)

*Note all plants may contain ramshorns, ramshorn eggs, MTS, java moss, or duckweed.
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