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I just have an abundance of these plants and I wanted to get rid of them. I always send extras and will probably throw in some small jungle vals or other plants with every order.

-Jungle Val: $1ea (plants range from 6"-24")

-Hygroryza aristata: $2 for a strand ~8inches long

-Salvinia minima: $1 for ~10 plants

-Crypt. wendtii 'bronze': $2.00

-Pothos Plantling (for use as a natural filter): $3.00

-10x Jungle Val, 1x HA, and 2x stems of R. rotundifolia for $16.00 shipped

Shipping is $5.80
__________________________________________________ _______
CAUTION: May carry duckweed, snail eggs, corydoras eggs, or Boesemani eggs, but if you like I will try to get rid of as much of these as possible, just ask. Also, salvinia is not allowed in some states so be careful of your state laws

I ship Saturdays and Monday-Wednesday.

__________________________________________________ _______
The plants may come from these tanks:


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