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Jumped the Gun on Plant buying and now need advice.

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I have a 30 gallon tank I am going to set up soon. alas my husband decided to go ahead and get the plants for this tank before anything else. now I have a beautiful Amazon sword from petsmart in it's packaging and I was wondering how long to I have to get it in soil/substrate. is there anything I can do to extend that time? I have substrate and sand, but the tank cabinet is about a week from being finished and I don't have my lights yet, but can put the tank in view of the window.

ANY advice would be helpful!
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I had some anubias I got from there I left in the package for a little longer than a week. Not sure if a sword would be any different. They are tough plants and are grown emersed most of the time so I would not be too worried about it being in there a week or two. If you are really worried about it maybe call or go to petsmart and ask them how long the self life of those plants are.
If it's still in original packaging and have receipt go trade it in or return it :)
Pretty much all plants I own can survive in a mason jar of clean water near a windowsill. It all depends on how long you need them to live.
Just put it in a tub of water next to a window, it won't flourish but it will most likely stay alive for a while, mine took about 5 days in the post to get to me and it survived blacked out with very little moisture.
Thank you for the advice! I will mason jar it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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