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Jump start by cycling canister filter in 5 gallon bucket? (Tank not set up yet)

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So I have a new 33 gallon long aquarium, but I have to wait at least 1-2 weeks minimum before I can build a stand for it. I already have a canister filter but I can't use it with the tank on the floor, since it needs to be placed below.

So I was wondering would it be beneficial to run the canister filter into a 5 gallon bucket with a heater and dose pure ammonia to get a start on the cycle? Is there any reason this would not work or be worth it? I also can use some existing bio media from one of my other tanks to jump start it as well. I figure it would be really easy to dump/change the water and dose the ammonia as often as needed, but also that is only 5 gallons so maybe that would not work well.

The other option is just to wait until I can build the stand and get it running then.

Thanks for any advice!
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You'd be dosing diluted ammonia solution or ammonium from a company like Fritz or Dr. Tim's, not pure. But that would work.

Would give you a bit of a head start once you set the tank up. Maybe run the bucket at a concentration of about 4PPM. Then once the tank is set up, run it at the same concentration.

If it were me, though, I'd just wait. Because you're going to have to wait for bacterial colonies to build on the surfaces throughout your tank anyway. You'll have a better experience if the entire tank itself is more mature before adding livestock. If having a mature tank isn't important to you, then by all means go the bucket route. Just not sure it's worth the effort since you'll be setting the tank up soon anyway.
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