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Jump start by cycling canister filter in 5 gallon bucket? (Tank not set up yet)

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So I have a new 33 gallon long aquarium, but I have to wait at least 1-2 weeks minimum before I can build a stand for it. I already have a canister filter but I can't use it with the tank on the floor, since it needs to be placed below.

So I was wondering would it be beneficial to run the canister filter into a 5 gallon bucket with a heater and dose pure ammonia to get a start on the cycle? Is there any reason this would not work or be worth it? I also can use some existing bio media from one of my other tanks to jump start it as well. I figure it would be really easy to dump/change the water and dose the ammonia as often as needed, but also that is only 5 gallons so maybe that would not work well.

The other option is just to wait until I can build the stand and get it running then.

Thanks for any advice!
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