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Alternate title - I’m lazy and would rather look at my tank than write about it 😂

I posted a few months just after buying and setting up my first aquarium. Since then a lot has happened and I’m terrible at documenting, so this my highlight reel.

This is a 20G tall rimless tank that was initially Walstad inspired. Nothing was happening for weeks, except plants slowly dying, so I installed a small sponge filter to create some water flow and house bacteria. Heavily planted and overgrown is what I aimed for and it’s pretty much what I got :)

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Lots of mini Salvinia floaters and other plants that have done very well.
I’ve let hair algae grow between them for my shrimp. Just gave away 3 quart sized bags because no light was getting to the bottom.

Plants are currently getting little pinholes, which I think means I need to fertilize more. One of my shrimp is berried and I don’t want to mess with the tank much.

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It’s a bit silly how excited I am about this.
It’s kind of like the old game Populous - I created this happy little environment for my chosen ones and in return they have thrived and it’s pleases me to no end.
They also occasionally assemble to worship me I think… I’m getting Sand Kings vibes.
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Once the shrimplets hatch and grow a bit I’ll be moving them all to their own tank. This tank is destined for mini pea puffers as I’ve let snails grow as well.

I’m a little surprised how interesting I’ve found the snails to be and some are quite beautiful.
Besides 2 Nerites and a Rabbit snail I recently got second hand, there are both Bladder and Ramshorn snails.
Some of the Bladder snails have golden flecks throughout their shells and some of the Ramshorn look like copper, bright and shiny like a new penny.

There are the aforementioned plans for the shrimp and non-pest snail tank as well as a larger tank in the front entry way.

I’ve been given creative license for a 9’ foot wide space and am just starting to research what will be a more traditional tank, no dirt - maybe just sand and/or aquasoil.

I’m interested in what size people have found to be a large enough water column to have real differentiation in where fish hang out.

I really enjoy nano fish so likely to go largish schools of neon tetra types, loaches, and of course, lots of plants.

One final pic - a favorite. Evening meal of spinach and zucchini, lights dimmed of course. They’re fancy like :)

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