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Johnnnn_h first 135 gal photos (56k warning)

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Well, the first few are of the diy hood,

and the next few pics you can see the refinished stand, and some driftwood with an attempt at a shelf/cliff thing on the left side.

Going to take a few more,, need to figure out the macro mode on the camera first.
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Just took a few more of the hood. The lighting is from ah supply: two 96 watt pc in back and two 55 watt pc in front

Two cooling fans on a speed controller as the temp goes up the fans speed up.

The inside is painted gloss white , and the outside was stained to match the stand,,,, thain a few coats of spar polly varnish to seal everything.

And now I have to learn how to take pictures in the tank with the lights on!
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looks nice
Nice job. :thumbsup:

It always amazes me how some threads seem to slip through the cracks without comment. This one definitely deserves some positive feedback.

I think this tank turned out very nicely and you're on your way to planted tank bliss. I would say that you could improve the look of things if you were to organize the hardware a little differently so it isnt so much of an eyesore. Also you could string the wires in the back so they run down at one of the tank corners (or get a solid background). Other than that, :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

p.s. what kind of fishies are you keeping or planning on keeping in there?
Nice arrangement on the updates when they grow out more.
Right now I am trying to keep the algae at bay, and not loose the hole thing.

Yea,,,,, I think you'r right, the white pvc spraybarrs on eack side in the front have to go.
Some more watter movement is needed, lots of junk on the substrate, mabie a few big jets.
There are three filters and I might combine two intakes into one larger, clear intake.

I keep forgetting about the background, that would be a pretty big improvement.

And for the fish right now:

4 long finn danio
4 tiger danio
2 lyertail mollies, and the mollies do eat algae
6 ottos
1 rubber nose pleco
4 corry cats
2 glass shrimp

For the fish in the future,,,, well I am throwing around the idea of an R.O. filter, the water here is pretty hard,
GH 19 deg. & tank is higher, I think it is the plantex micro. that is driveing it higher.
Yesterdays project was installing a water softener, and I put in a valve to feed an R.O. filter.

I really want to try to breed some neons,,,,, and have a big school.
Hatchets a few diferent kinds,,, but they jump
and I think the Kuhli Loach is on the list.

And If I don't get an R.O filter black skirt tetra might handle the hardness,,,,right now still thinking about it.
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Nice canopy.

Did you put some sort of lens cover over the pc lights or are they just suspended over the water?

The lights have no cover, and the bulbs are 7.5" up from the water and mounted on 2x2
that are mounted to the top of the canopy, so there is an air gap to keep them cooler.
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