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Hello everyone, I've been in the hobby about three months now. I wonder sometimes what the hell I've gotten myself into with the plants, but I know I'd be kicking myself if I went with fake ones. The background is black but looks blue in this photo.

Some quick stats on the tank:

Lighting: Odyssea 48W, with two 6500K GE bulbs.
Filtration: AquaClear 70, with BioMax and Activated Carbon
Substrate: Fluorite layer on bottom, pea gravel on top
DIY CO2 w/powerhead diffusion, dose with Metricide 14 when needed


9 harlequin rasbora
5 black harlequin rasbora
5 otocinclus
2 bolivian rams
1 Siamese Algae Eater (will rehome soon)


3 Amazon Swords
1 Argentine Sword
1 Melon Sword
1 Micro Sword
3 Java Ferns, with lots of Java Fern babies
Flame moss on driftwood
1 Anubia
1 moneywort
Lots of water wisteria
More Algae
Lots more Algae

I'm upgrading to an HW-302 Canister in the next week or so that I will load up with BioMax. I'll probably inline a heater and hopefully the CO2 as well to clear out my tank a bit.

Additionally, I have a few more projects planned, now that I've been in the hobby a bit:

1) Substrate change - considering going over to 100% Fluorite.

2) Complete rescape - I'd like to move the Swords to the background and midground, and plant the foreground with a grassy plant (pygmy chain or sagittaria) in order to make a bit more open swimming space for the Rams. I may also add a nice big piece of driftwood and get rid of the rocks. I know I need to add a LOT more plants to help get my algae under control.

3) Fertilizer Regimen - I feel like I'm kind of flying blind right now with my ferts, I'd like to sit down, do some number crunching, and figure out what exactly I need for my tank.

That's all for now. Would appreciate any comments or advice!
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