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Shrimps for Sale: all shrimps are peewee to juvie size (1cm – 2cm).

Tangerine Tigers: 10 for $60

Fire Reds: 20 for $40 (only full grown adults show intense coloration)

Red Rili: 10 for $15

Blue-Green Rili: 10 for $15

Pumpkin Orange Neo: 10 for $30

$10 for recently tied 4 flat patches 2x2 inch available with any purchase of shrimp ($15 shipped first class without shrimp purchase). Images of moss below. I will tie the patch when payment is received so keep in mind it's a flat patch. It will take about a month to grow. Let me know which 4 you want.


Mini Christmas Moss:

Peacock Moss:

Round Pellia:

Spiky Moss:

Notocyphus lucsens:

Not Sure What Moss (Let me know if you figure it out so I can update the post)

Recently Tied Fissiden Geppi Flat Patch: $15. Keep in mind the the patches being sold are flat. Image of patch that has been grown out for 3 months or so. Very slow growing.

Other Items Available:

10 pieces Stainless Steel Mesh 2x2 inch patches $5
Shrimp Food - Shirakura 80g Ebi dami $18

Fish Available:

5 Juvies Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasbora) - $20
8 Honey Combcat fish - $80
3 Red Bristlenose Plecos - $30
4 Pea Puffers - $10

Shipping is $10 insulated or $8 without insulation. No guarantee on the fish unless buyer pays for express shipping $35. Shrimp guaranteed with insulation (+1 will be given for every 10 shrimps). All livestock sent in breather bags. 72 hour heat packs are an additional $2. Check you local weather.

Packages sent out on Saturdays or Mondays. Buy with confidence, stellar feedback!!!
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