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I have to tear down my tanks :icon_cry:, I am running this sale until I am out of the stuff that needs to go:

10 (+1) Tangerine Tigers: $50
30 (+3) Pink Ramshorn Snails: $25
[STRIKE]30 (+3) Red Rili: $30[/STRIKE] SOLD OUT
[STRIKE]30 (+3) Fire Reds: $30[/STRIKE] SOLD OUT

Free moss with every order (until I am out).

Also if you need more you can choose 5 from below and I can tie 2x2 in patches for $10 (flat patches):

- weeping
- mini x mas
- round pellia
- peacock
- notocyphus luscens
- mystery one I can't ID

$12 each - Flat patch Fissiden geppi (also might be known as Fissiden "Thailand" according to eBay seller)

2x2 inch stainless steel mesh (no moss): 20 for $5

Shipping is $10 insulated or $12 insulated with 72 hr heat pack.

I have a shoal of 8 oil/wood catfish for sale (1.5-2 inches in length). $64 for the group. No DOA guarantee (if you want I can send it express with heat a pack for $30).

All live stock will be shipped in breather bags.
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